2 juny, 2017

5th Advanced Course in Transplant Procurement Management -TPM Vimeiro, Portugal

The Instituto Português do Sangue e da Transplantação (Ministério da Saúde) together with the Donation and Trasplantation Institute from Barcelona organized the 5th advance training course in organ donation and transplantation. The training took place in Vimeiro, Portugal from the 22th to 25th of May.Portugal3

The objective of the course was to train healthcare professionals as specialists in Transplant Procurement Management, with a view to increasing the number and the quality of organs and tissues available for transplantation in Portugal.

Several studies show that increasing the awareness among professionals for the need of donation has a direct impact on increasing the rate of organ donors and, consequently, the number of organs available for transplant, allowing to improve the quality of life or even save the lives of many patients.



During the 4 days of the course, 50 health care professionals learned about leading practices in organ donation. The course consisted of theoretical classes and practical simulations for each of the steps of deceased organ donation process.

Donation and transplantation activity in Portugal has increased over the last 10 years. In 2015 and 2016 donation rates reached record figures, with more than 30 donors per million inhabitants. Also, the number of transplants performed has reached high values, with an increase of 5% from 2015 to 2016.

Interview with Dr. Maria Paula Gomez