Master Closing Ceremony

The 15th edition of the International Master in Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells (TPM-University of Barcelona) finished this May.

33 students from 13 different countries participated in the Master. Moreover, we have also trained 18 participants from 9 countries in the Master in Clinical Research (University of Barcelona), in the specialization of Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells.

The participants have shown great commitment and effort in every stage of the donation and transplantation process along this academic year. During the entire training, they were guided by top experts  from the most prestigious centers from around the world.

The Master Closing Ceremony was held on the 31st of May, at the Centre Esther Koplowitz, Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica, Barcelona.

The program included a video a presentation A 100 training courses in Italy by TPM by Dr. Jose Luis Escalante, pioneer in organ donation and transplantation in Spain and currently director of the Transplantation Program at the University General Hospital Gregorio Marañón, Madrid. Dr. Escalante talked about the successful implementation of TPM training in Italy in the past 22 years.

The event counted with the participation of a special guest, Dr. Alessandro Nanni Costa, former president of the Italian National Transplant Center (Centro Nacionale Trapianti) who talked about Organ Donation and Transplantation in Italy in the past 20 years.

Dr. Nanni Costa was awarded a honorary DTI plaque for his contribution to the development of organ donation and transplantation in Italy.

We hope that the new edition of the Master, starting in October 2019, will be as successful as this one!

Registration is now open for the 16th edition!

11th International Course in Tissue Banking & Advanced Therapies

The 11th International Course on Tissue Banking and Advanced Therapies took place from 27th to 30th of May at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Barcelona and IBEC (Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia).

We are proud to say that this edition of the course was more than successful, gathering 32 participants from 16 different countries, and the faculty staff from USA, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Ecuador and Spain.

The participants have, undoubtedly, improved their knowledge and competences in tissue banking and advanced therapies through theoretical lectures and modern hands-on workshops given by some of the most prominent experts in the field.






1st TPM course in Kerala State, India

2171 persons are on the waiting list for organ transplantation in Kerala State, India. The detection of potential donors is key factor to activate the process and this is one of the main reasons for the Government to implement a new position of Transplant Coordinator in every hospital in the state. As always training is the first step to be taken therefore, it was proposed that a course in Transplant Procurement Management would be a good way to start with it.

The 1st Intermediate TPM course in Trivandrum (India) took place from 28th to 30th May. 50 professionals (Neurologist and Anaesthesists mainly) from all over the State of Kerala were trained to determine brain death and obtain consent from relatives for organ transplantation among other topics of the Transplant Coordination process.

We are grateful to the Ministry of Health Smt. K. K Shailaja Teacher for her kind presentation of the course; to Sri. Rajeev Sadanandan, Chief Secretary and to Dr. Noble Gracious, Nodal Officer (KNOS) for inviting us to share our experience and knowledge with this big group that hopefully will help to increase the donation rates in Kerala.

Also, thanks to all the local team and to the Spanish experts for their commitment and for making this awesome course possible.



DTI Community campaigns to sponsor training in organ donation

DTI Community is a worldwide community of ambassadors, alumni, friends and volunteers engaged to increase awareness and volunteer and philanthropic commitment to Donation and Transplantation Institute (DTI).

More than 15.000 TPM alumni from all five continents have enrolled in the Transplant Procurement Management courses that DTI offers. DTI Community promotes equality of access and opportunity for organ donation and transplantation. We are committed to bring the best practices in this field to under-resourced countries, because we believe that together we are stronger. For this purpose last year we created a crowdfunding campaign called “Save 1 million lives”.

So far, two students have been granted with a  scholarship that allowed them to come to Barcelona to be trained at the TPM Advanced Courses (Spanish and English) and in an  internship at the Transplant Coordination offices in Hospital Clinic and Hospital Bellvitge. Dr. Oeding, from Barranquilla, Colombia, is an Intensive Care doctor and has already planned out a strategy alongside transplants coordinators from the region to start implementing the best practices in organ donation and transplantation. Dr. Panche, from Goa, India, has been named Regional Transplant Coordinator short after graduating from the TPM course.

You can help us to fund more scholarships through our project on Global Giving. Thanks to your contribution we can achieve great changes in those countries that need to develope a new system or to improve the existing one. You could benefit by contacting

Every single donation helps towards the goal of saving lives!


ODISSeA Train the Trainers Face-to-face course in Barcelona

From May 13th-17th, 2019, took place the ODISSeA Train the Trainers Face-to-face course. During the week, 30 healthcare professionals from Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines attended the course, in order to improve their knowledge on the organ donation process, as well as to learn how to transfer this knowledge and competences to the future participants of the Postgraduate Program in Organ Donation 2019-2020.

The “Train the Trainers” is a blended training program, including an online tutored course from April 1st to June 2nd, and a face-to-face modality. The aim of this phase is to prepare the 5 professionals from each Southeast Asian (SeA) university who will be responsible for implementing the Postgraduate Program in their institutions. Upon their return, they will become the faculty to a total of 280 students that will enroll the Postgraduate Program in the next few months.

The Train the Trainers faculty team in organ donation has been composed by experts in organ donation and education from University of Barcelona, University of Bologna, University of Zagreb and DTI Foundation. The face-to-face course was based on active and engaging workshops and exercises, ensuring their commitment to the project, and preparation for their role as faculty.

On May 17th, the participants visited Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, where they met the professionals involved in the organ donation process from ICU, ER, Transplant Coordination and Tissue-typing lab. Following the visit, professionals from the transplant coordination unit, kidney transplant program, tissue-typing labs and a transplant recipient also shared their experience and expertise with the participants.

Annual Report 2018 DTI Foundation

We are glad to present you the Annual Report of DTI Foundation for 2018.

To know more about our activity (Educational programs; Congresses attendance; European and other International Projects) you can take a look here!

6th Advanced Course in Transplant Procurement Management -TPM in Vimeiro, Portugal

The city of Vimeiro held, once again and for the sixth time in Portugal, the Advanced Course in Transplant Procurement Management (TPM). The event was organized by the Insituto Português do Sangue e da Transplantação IPST (Ministério da Saúde) together with DTI Foundation. From the 26th to the 29th of March, a total of 50 healthcare professionals attended the course as students to learn the best practices in Organ Donation and Transplantation.

During these four days, Portuguese and Spanish experts taught the main aspects and skills of Organ Donation.

The course included workshops in detection and identification of the donor, management of the donor after brain death and after circulatory death –one of the biggest challenges in the Transplant community–, communication with the potential donor’s family and viability of organs and clinic cases.

Portugal’s organ donation rate is currently one of the highest in the world. In 2018, according to IRODaT, there were 33,63 donors per million of population, a number that has been increasing since 2014 – except for a slight reduction from 2017 to 2018.

Last year, a total of 837 organ transplants were performed in Portugal: 529 kidney operations, 201 liver operations, 27 pancreas operations, 46 heart transplants and 34 lung operations.



EU co-funded project ODISSeA starts its journey in Philippines

  • The project unites 8 Southeast Asian universities and 6 European institutions
  • The goal is to train a total of 320 healthcare professionals in the field of organ donation


From March 19th-21st, representatives of the University of Barcelona, the University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Dinamia S. Coop and DTI Foundation (Donation and Transplantation Institute) visited Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines for the Kick-off meeting of ODISSeA Project. The main objectives, phases and actions were presented and discussed in workgroups during these three days.

The project is originated from the need for a formal training program to train specialized healthcare professionals that will efficiently coordinate the process of organ donation in 4 Southeast Asian countries.

For two months, a team of 40 healthcare professionals from Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand, will enrol in a trainer for trainers’ course to learn how transfer the knowledge, competences and attitude needed in organ donation.  This blended training program will consist of an online and a face-to-face course to be held in Barcelona in May.

Once accomplished, they will teach as faculty to the Postgraduate students of these 8 universities so that they will be able to effectively develop organ donation in their daily activities, in their local hospitals in Southeast Asia.

 Southeast Asia: a growing need with non-growing solutions

Asia is the most populated continent in the world. Conversely, the region has the lowest rate of organ donation and transplantation and the fastest growing rate of people entering chronic and end-stage organ failure, according to a study published by Frontiers in Medicine. Also, the evolution of dietary and environmental triggers has made the waiting list grow, while the number of available donors has remained unchanged. Consequently, there is a significant and concerning lack of organs available for those patients needing a transplant.

According to the same study, despite the current situation, there is hope for the future. Treated end-stage renal diseases have increased noticeably from year 2000 to 2013 in three of the countries involved in ODISSeA: Thailand (1210%), Philippines (185%) and Malaysia (176%).  However, the numbers are still low and insufficient to meet the needs. Thailand comes ahead with 4,27 donors per million of population (pmp), Malaysia has 1,10 pmp and the Philippines 0,45pmp.

Thanks to initiatives like ODISSeA project, this scenario is bound to change. Through this project, faculty members and healthcare professionals from Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar will learn and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills about the most effective donation system. After the project is implemented, a total of 320 doctors will be prepared and qualified to save lives.

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March face to face sessions of the International Master in Donation and Transplantation at the University of Barcelona

From 4th to the 15th of March, three courses were held in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona: Leadership, Quality and Management in Organ Procurement & Transplantation (March 4-6), with 29 participants from 10 different countries, Organ Procurement (March 6-8) with 30 participants and Organ Transplantation (March 11-15) with 37 participants from 18 countries each.

This is the first part of the face to face training of the International Master in Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells (University of Barcelona & Transplant Procurement Management) and the Master in Clinical Investigation, Specialty in Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells (University of Barcelona). The second part (Tissue Banking & Advanced Therapies) will be from 27th to 30th May at the same location.

Apart from the Master participants, the courses were also attended by postgraduate students and free-lancers from Singapore, Pakistan, United Kingdom and Trinidad & Tobago. Throughout the training they were guided by the faculty staff which included top experts from the field.

When it comes to the number of participants, we are proud to say that this edition was even more successful that the last one, with a 45% increase in participation in Leadership, Quality and Management in Organ Procurement & Transplantation, 36% in Organ Procurement and 85% in Organ Transplantation. The number of different nationalities also rose from 17 to 21, compared to last year.

The courses included theoretical sessions and workshops where the participants could put into practice the knowledge acquired in the previous online training that took place between October 2018 and March 2019.

Once again, we offered a high-quality training program that brings together knowledge, skills and best practices in the field of organ donation and transplantation.

International Master in Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells

New success of the “Curso Superior Internacional en Donación y Trasplante”!

The 29th edition of the “Curso Superior Internacional en Donación y Trasplante de Órganos y Tejidos” took place in February 19th to 22nd in Barcelona and Sant Hilari Sacalm.

The course gathered forty-nine participants representing 11 different countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Spain. 14 of them are participating in the “Master Alianza” managed by the ONT (National Transplant Organization), which includes our course as part of its program.

The opening ceremony was held at “Parc Cientific de Barcelona (PCB)” with representatives from the Organización Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT), Organització Catalana de Trasplantaments (OCATT) and PCB.

An innovative element to be highlighted is the collaboration of the social robot “Pepper”, who accompanied the teachers and students during the course in order to favour their learning process.


The evaluation results have been very positive, with an overall average of 4.82 over 5. Our congratulations to all the faculty and staff members who have made the course another success!