14 July, 2020

4 Webinar series as part of ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centre Program

Since 2016, the South Philippines Medical Center (SPMSC) got into engagement with the University of Barcelona (UB), Hospital Clinic of Barcelona (HCB), DTI foundation, and more recently, Fundació Puigvert, in the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers Program; a joint partnership facilitated by International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and The Transplantation Society (TTS) to develop existing Kidney Transplant programs in emerging countries. Since then, several activities have been organized to promote knowledge and experience exchange between healthcare and educational institutions from Davao (Philippines) and Barcelona (Spain) regarding donation and transplantation.

Considering the current pandemic crisis, the team involved in the program decided to adapt the next initiatives to prioritize COVID-19 outbreak as an immediate concern to the international heathcare system and professionals.

Therefore, between June 11th and July 3rd a series of 4 Webinars have been organized, each of them focused on a current topic related to COVID-19, in order to share useful information between experts from our centers: Dr Josep Maria Miró, Dr Joan Ramon Badia, Mrs Carme Hernández, Dr José Jesús Broseta, Dr David Paredes and Dr Fritz Diekmann from Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and University of Barcelona; Dr Leopoldo Vega, Dr Maria Elinore Alba-Concha, Dr Ricardo B. Audan and Dr Maria Theresa Bad-ang from Southern Philippines Medical Center; Dr Anna Vila from Fundació Puigvert and Dr Chloë Ballesté and Dr Entela Kondi from DTI Foundation.

The webinar series were open and disseminated to the large public, although specifically targeted for the Southern Philippines Medical Center’s healthcare professionals, reaching a total  of 494 attendees.