28 October, 2022

7th International Workshop on DCD donors: Uncontrolled & Controlled

The 7th International Workshop on Uncontrolled & Controlled donors after circulatory death ended today. This course had 31 participants from over 10 nationalities.

After some online sessions guided by international experts in DCD, participants and faculty gathered in La Coruña, Spain, for in-person sessions. From October 26 until October 28, healthcare professionals actively participated in different workshops to learn about uncontrolled and controlled DCD. These workshops took place in the Technological Training Centre (CTF) of the University Hospital A Coruña (CHUAC).

In the recent years donation after cardio-circulatory death (DCD) donors, either from an uncontrolled or a controlled DCD program, have been a focus of intense interest in the transplant community, based on the high potential they must increase the pool of organ donors.

During this course professionals were trained in DCD procedures, including organ recovery using normothermic regional perfusion (NRP) technique and ex-situ machine perfusion. Thanks to EBERS sponsorship, kidney and liver ex-situ machine perfusion was demonstrated.