28 March, 2018

Face to face period of the International Master in Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells at UB

From the 5th until the 16th of March took place the first face to face period of the International Master in Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells (University of Barcelona & Transplant Procurement Management) and the Master in Clinical Investigation, specialty in Organs, Tissues and Cells (University of Barcelona). There were also several participants that took these courses as a postgraduate training.


During these two weeks, three courses were held in the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Barcelona: Quality, Management and Leadership in Organ Procurement & Transplantation (March 5-7), with 20 participants, Organ Procurement (March 7-9) with 22 participants and Organ Transplantation (March 12-16) with 20 participants. In each course participants came from 11 different countries.


These courses included theory sessions as well as workshops where the participants put into practice the knowledge acquired in the previous online courses that took place from October 2017 till March 2018. The online training courses offered through the TPM virtual platform help participants to acquire and strengthen the concepts on the field and prepare the participants to come to Barcelona to take part into the practical part of the program.


3D class

This year, several new activities took place specially in the Organ Transplantation course. Our participants also attended a 3D live kidney living donor robotic transplant at Hospital Clinic, they interacted with the medical team and had the opportunity to ask questions about the procedure.