22 February, 2016

1st UK Transplant Procurement Management Workshop

On Friday the 12th of February, the Welsh Institute for Minimal Access Therapy (WIMAT) was proud to host the first UK Transplant Procurement Management Workshop DCD types II-III.

Dr. Raphael Chavez, a consultant transplant surgeon from the University Hospital of Wales co-organised the programme with a specialist team from Barcelona, Coruña and Santander.Grupo DCD Workshop 02On the other hand, all the UK healthcare workers,  are specialists in different areas: consultant surgeons, nurses and transplant coordinators.

Spain has the highest number of organ donors in the world (36 donors per million people, compared with 23 per million in Wales) and with the recent change in Welsh legislation where consent is assumed, it is hoped that that this course will optimise the opportunities that are now arising, transforming the lives of hundreds of patients across the principality.practicas DCD Workshop 08