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26 July, 2016

Cheap Valium Australia

We have the pleasure to inform you that TPM in collaboration with Organ Transplantation Center, 303 Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army, Nanning, China, organized on July 20-22, 2016, an...
1 July, 2016

Buy Diazepam Online Canada

From May 22nd to 26th took place the 3rd Global Leadership Symposium in San Diego, California. In partnership, TPM, LifeSource, OneLegacy and the Gift of Life Institute from USA, gathered at this...
1 July, 2016

Valium Cheapest

This June has finalized the 12th edition of the International Master in Donation and Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells (TPM-University of Barcelona). In this edition we have had 14...
1 July, 2016

Buy Valium From India

We are delighted to inform that the 8th edition of the International Course on Tissue Banking and Advanced Therapies was successfully organized in May 30-June 2, 2016, at the University of Barcelona....