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VI International Workshop on DCD donors: Uncontrolled & Controlled

In the recent years donation after cardio-circulatory death (DCD) donors, either from an uncontrolled or a controlled DCD program, have been a focus of intense interest in the transplant community, based on the high potential they have to increase the number...
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Curso Superior Internacional en Donación y Trasplante de órganos y tejidos

El Curso superior internacional en TPM es un programa educativo cuyo principal objetivo es la transferencia de conocimientos científicos y técnicos para el desarrollo de las competencias profesionales necesarias para la obtención de órganos y tejidos para...
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Organ Transplantation Training Program

This training program aims at providing the knowledge and competences needed for the successful clinical evaluation of the potential recipients of solid organs, as well as the waiting list criteria, and pre and post-transplant...
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ODISSeA – Launch of Postgraduate Programme in Organ Donation

13 January, 2020
On January 7th 2020, the Postgraduate Programme in Organ Donation started with 303 participants...
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Kunming international meetings in December

23 December, 2019
Two international meetings have taken place in Kunming, China, from 4 to 8 December 2019, with the...
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DTI Community charitable events in 2019

26 November, 2019
Thanks to the charitable events organized bt DTI Community this autumn, the social department of...
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