22 December, 2017

Transplanting Smiles campaign continues

From the 12th to the 15th of December took place the presentation of the Transplanting Smiles project at the A Coruña Hospital Complex. The film production company Daristoteles has promoted this initiative with the sponsorship of Chiesi Laboratories and the collaboration of the DTI Community.

Tx sonrisas A Coruña


Transplanting Smiles campaign looks forward to thanking the health care professionals involved in organ donation and transplantation for their non-stop work and the society for its generosity to donate organs. The campaign will also help raise awareness of the importance of organ donation for transplant.

The health professionals of the A Coruña hospital were interviewed and shared their smile in the display that was placed at the hospital. During their stay, Daristoteles also made interviews to transplant patients and their families. All the interviews will be reflected in a documentary that will be made once the project has finished its way through different Spanish hospitals.

Tx sonrisas A Coruña2

During its passage through A Coruña the project wanted to thank the health professionals for their work in the donation and transplantation of organs of the autonomous community of Galicia. Transplanting smiles continues to increase society’s awareness of the importance of organ donation for transplant.