Organ Transplantation Training Program


– To improve participants’ knowledge on acute and chronic kidney, liver, pancreas, heart and lung failure and adequately asses referred patients for transplantation.
– To provide participants with the knowledge of the principles of pre-op preparation (bench preparation), preparation of implant site (anatomic references including variations and anomalies), as well as common intra-operative challenges and variations.
– To identify and treat post-op complications: drug side-effects, infections, rejection, complications, recurrent disease.
– To provide knowledge on the surgical procedures (organ specific) and post-operative care of living donors.
– To improve short and long term follow-up of the living donor with attention to physical and psycho-social well-being and to facilitate knowledge on living donor registries.

Adressed to

Health care professionals involved in any of the phases of the on-going organ transplantation programs.


1. General aspects:
– Immunology basics and Immunosuppression
– Infections and malignancies
– Anesthesiology (he quitado history)
2.  Organ specific: Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, Heart, Lung (orden de organos cambiado)
– Indications and Waiting List
– Organ evaluation and surgical procedure (techniques and surgical complications)
– Postoperative management and medical follow up (early/late & histopathology/radiology)
3. Living donation
– General aspects of living donation
– Kidney and liver living donation
– Living donor registries

Educational Methodology

The course can be provided as following:

  1. Online self-study: The online self-study modality employed involves the development of a flexible and interactive online learning action, promoting a continuous building of knowledge and development of skills. The course curriculum will be available throughout the online training program, and will be structured in topics for a better assimilation of the key concepts. Pre-course evaluation along with self-assessing individual activities and final evaluation will enable participants to demonstrate the systematic application of the knowledge acquired.


  1. Blended: Face-to-face seminar with theoretical classes and practical simulations held in Barcelona + online self-guided training. During the face-to-face seminar the course contents will be introduced and will be deeply developed through the online self-guided module.

Academic Qualification

The online self-study program amounts to 5 ECTS accredited by TPM – Universitat de Barcelona (UB).

The blended training will be awarded with 10 ECTS accredited by TPM – Universitat de Barcelona (UB) upon successful completion of the course.

The course is part of the TPM educational modular structure composed by different training itineraries that may end up with a Masters’ degree.

Course Fee


Early Bird: 900€ by December 10th 2018
Regular: 1000€


Early Bird: 1800€ by December 10th 2018
Regular: 2000€


*Fee reduction will also be applied for 2 or more participants from the same institution.