European Projects

Spain is the leading country in the world in organ donation and transplantation. It has been at the top of the transplant list on an international level for 17 years and doubling the European average rate of donors per million inhabitants. The increase of donations from immigrants and donations from cerebral hemorrhage has cracked the low number of donations from traffic accidents, which has decreased around 50% in the last three years.

Since Spain is the world leader in this field, one of the aims expressed by the Spanish Ministry of Health is to develop and design European Directives in organ donation and Transplantation.

The procedures developed in the hospitals and the Network of Transplant Coordinators, together with the training of the human resources and an active system of information and communication are the keys to maintain an efficient system in organ donation and transplantation in Spain.

Supporting developing countries in order to help improve their public health systems, national transplant agencies, hospitals and human medical resources could be an important contribution from the Spanish cooperation as a way to increase the organ donation rates and offer equal access to the nationals transplant systems.


The most recent project in where DTI Foundation together with the University of Barcelona are the main coordinators is the KeTLOD project; “Knowledge transfer and leadership in Organ Donation, from Europe to China” cofounded by European Commission under the program “Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education”.   The main objective of KeTLOD project is to […]


            The project ¨Training and social awareness for increasing organ donation in the European Union and neighbouring countries¨ (EUDONORGAN) is a service contract awarded by the European Commission from the European Union budget, on the initiative of the European Parliament. It aims to develop and implement two types of activities […]