3 April, 2018

First Summit in Organ Donation and Transplantation in the Caribbean area was held in Trinidad and Tobago

Last March the DTI team composed by Dr. Rudolf Garcia Gallont; Dr. Fernando Salgado; Dr. Rafael Reyes Acevedo and from DTI Dr. Maria Paula Gomez and Dr. Entela Kondi visited Trinidad and Tobago and during the visit were involved in several activities and events happening in the country.

On the 11th of march was held the First Summit in Organ Donation and Transplantation in the Caribbean area. The event was organized by the North Branch of the Medical Association of Trinidad and Tobago and the National Organ Transplantation Unit (NOTU) and strongly supported by DTI Foundation and REPSOL.

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The main aim of the event was to bring together all the countries in the region, to encourage them about the donation activities and to try to find connections and synergies to move forward the program. The minister of health of T&T, the president of the T&T Medical Association, the Spanish ambassador, the Assistant Secretary-General for Human and Social Development CARICOM, the advisor health system and services PAHO T&T, the director of REPSOL in T&T were the honored guests who participated in the summit. Excellent discussion on the sub regional approach on Organ Donation and Transplantation in the Caribbean was made and the critical role of CARICOM in ensuring coordination and support among the Caribbean countries was highlighted.


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Following the summit, the DTI team together with the Trinities colleagues participated in the “9th Annual Walkathon” an awareness activity organized in recognition of World Kidney Day (March 8th, 2018) from the Kidney Recipient Support Group of Trinidad and Tobago with the objective to raise awareness about kidney health, as well as to provide support to transplanted patient.Sharing the enthusiasm of the health professionals and the public regarding organ donation and transplantation was a wonderful experience.

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Repsol T&T

On the following days the experts of DTI together with the representatives of the NOTU had the chance to organize official meetings at the Ministry of Health; The PAHO; different hospitals and dialysis centers talking with the experts in the field to assure the continuity of the donation and transplantation program in the country.


REPSOL, a strong support to the DTI for the development of the project, was present in all the activities and a meeting for the collaboration continuity was made with the director Mr. David Allan.

We are very thankful to all our colleagues and friends in Trinidad and we look forward seeing the program growing and consolidated all over the region.