27 February, 2018

DTI delegation participates in Nephrology Society Conference in Sudan

Our dear Sudanese Master student, Dr. Abubakar Abdelwahab, invited DTI to present the Deceased Organ Donation Program in the 7th International Conference of the Sudanese Nephrology Society held in Khartoum, 30th of January – 3rd of February.

Dr. Vicens Torregrosa, Dr. Salvador Fojón and Dr. Chloë Ballesté were honored to present several topics on the field together with other international guests from Cameroon, Egypt and Ireland.

IMG_2643 IMG_2644


The DTI delegation had also the chance to visit 4 hospitals in Khartoum and meet with the professionals involved in ICU’s, dialysis and transplantation departments.


The kindness, enthusiasm and expertise of the professionals met there reinforced the belief  that deceased donation has a great future in this awesome country. We are ready to contribute saving lives there!