26 agost, 2015

A Chinese overview

In August DTI Foundation has been very dedicated to China. Dr. Chloë Ballesté has been invited to Wuhan to the Chinese National Transplant Congress held on the 7th-8th of August. All the transplant centres in China were represented and we presented the Deceased donation procurement model. Chinese TPM students attended the congress too and had the chance to exchange experiences. Great improvements where shown and Professor Huang Jiefu commitment to consolidate the system was expressed.


The tour ended in Guangzhou with the National OPO Congress where Dr. Chloë Ballesté joined the group. In addition to the oral communications and the meetings leaded by Prof. Huang Jiefu, TPM-DTI organized, with the precious help of Wenshi Jiang, the first TPM-China Alumni party in where around 25 TPM Chinese students from the past 2 years (trained in Barcelona and in Kunming by TPM) had the chance to gather all together a great evening.

China has moved to a new era in organ donation and transplantation and our foundation is glad to contribute to this change sharing experiences and training professionals in the field.