10 abril, 2018

4th Intermediate Training Course in Croatia

TPM-DTI Foundation together with the Ministry of Health and Donor Network of Croatia, headed by Dr. Mirela Bušić, National Transplant Coordinator and Dr. Nikola Žgrablić, respectively, organized the 4th Intermediate Training Course in Transplant Procurement Management, in Čiovo – Trogir, from March 26th – 28th, 2018. This training course brought together 32 representatives, mainly Croatians but also representatives from Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-26 at 14.30.26

IMG_284910 years ago, the Croatian health care system was greatly challenged by Eurotransplant membership. At that time, Croatia was not yet EU member and was facing different challenges to improve organ donation and transplantation. ­Organ shortage had led some surrounding countries to find alternatives in living donation, but Croatia, recognized deceased donation as the most appropriate source of organ donors for transplantation. Proper ethical framework, already established in alignment with international best practices and legislation based on “soft” presumed consent since 1988, has grounded public trust in deceased organ donation in Croatia.


Croatia has boosted its organ donation rate to 31.13 (donors pmp) in 2017 and transplantation rates up to 90 (transplants pmp) in the past 10 years. With proven excellency and over 200 healthcare professionals trained by TPM since 2006, one of the major accomplishments that positively influenced Croatia’s Organ Donation National & Transplant program. Our recognition and congratulations!