6 October, 2017

3rd edition of the Intermediate Transplant Procurement Management Course, Nanning

The third visit of the TPM-DTI team  in the province of Guangxi China took place this September from 18th till 22nd ,  and was combine with both hospital visit and the development of the third Edition of the intermediate Transplant Procurement Management  course ,that took place in the beautiful city of Nanning. 

 The DTI-TPM team was composed by Dr. Amado Andrés, Dr. Mario Chico, Dr. David Paredes, Dr. Chloë Ballesté   and Dr. Entela Kondi; who together with the local experts Wenshi Jiang and Catherine Wong and the local director and coordinators of the course prof. Xuyong Sun and  Dr. Jianhui Dong made this event successful.


 The experts during the first two days, 18th and 19th of September, visited three hospitals in three different cities of the Guangxi province. The hospital visited were Guigang people’s hospital ; The second People´s hospital of Pignan City and The first people´s hospital of Yulin. These three hospitals are the hospitals with important activity in the donation process in the whole region.


Discussions with the health professionals and as well directors of the hospitals were made. Ideas between the experts and the local physicians were exchanged and proposals for improvement were presented.

Following the activities on 20th of September the TPM course started. 


Being this course as part of the actions of the cooperation project with the OPO of the 303 Military Hospital in Nanning, had a  particular importance in the area and the participation was very plausible. The course was welcomed also by the representative of the Organ Donation Administrative Center and other health authorities.

 Imagen351 participants coming from different hospitals in the area were granted with a TPM diploma. During the three days of course development they show high interest in following the lecturers and active participation in the workshops. The knowledge and experience the experts shared with the students, will  motivate them to be more involved in the organ donation field and to improve their daily clinical practice in their own units.

We expect this course to be effective as the previous ones and to show a great impact in terms of numbers of organs available for transplantation. Imagen6

Thanking all the organizers of the course we look forward to the next activity in Guangxi province.